I am so blessed to have such an amazing team of realtors in our Carlsbad office. I am so thankful for our talented amazing agents here!


"My compliments to our manager Jason. As he mentioned in the video, the listing agent was threatening to cancel escrow on my buyers at the 11th hour for a delay of closing that was out of our hands. Jason just happen to be walking into the office while I was on the phone with the other agent. I pulled him into a conference room, and without hesitation, he stepped in and was able to talk the agent off the ledge, and come up with a solution that benefited both parties. We ended up closing escrow yesterday, and my happy buyers got the keys to their first home last night! Thank you to Jason for your support and guidance!"


Michael Biondo, Realtor


"A HUGE shout out to Jason Nagy for accompanying me to my listing appointment last night. My seller had met with another top agency in the area and he clearly and concisely showed her the benefits of going with Coldwell Banker. He was available when I needed him, even though it was after work hours. And great news---We got the listing!"

Charissa Carlson

Charissa Carlson, Realtor


"Huge thank you to Jason Nagy... my hero! I was off for the last two weeks getting married and he covered my butt BIG TIME! Closed one escrow, extended another when needed, and even found a new home for a client whose escrow fell apart while I was celebrating in Mexico! Thank you sooooo much Jason, for giving me the time off I needed with my new hubby and the peace of mind knowing everything was in the best of hands!"

Lynn Vogt

Lynn Vogt, Realtor


"Shout out to Jason Nagy. What a great manager you are! I love having you in my corner. "


Lori Merino, Realtor


"Just ANOTHER shout out from the top of my lungs for our FEARLESS LEADER JASON!!! Unethical agent on transaction, who after a 2 minute call from our awesome CHIEF was instantly persuaded to take the high road and make good!!! Jason you are incredible and THANK YOU for having our backs!"


Shawn Marie Kinnear


"I just wanted to say I appreciate your support and kind words. You are a fantastic manager. A great leader for our team."

Lynette Fox

Lynette Fox